Small hits lead to big crashes

Is driving high worth the risk?


We are a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate the public about the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana.

Want to get involved? Follow these steps:

STEP 1 - Watch Our Videos

Most 11th and 12th graders think that smoking marijuana has no effect on their ability to drive, or even helps them drive better. Actually, this is not true. Watch this video and learn more. Take the pledge, join the movement. Don’t smoke and drive.



STEP 2 - Read the Facts

The fact is, after using marijuana many young adults feel that they are sharper than ever and completely capable of driving safely. The truth is, marijuana impairs the brain’s functions and can impair your ability to drive safely, just like alcohol. Read about what happens when you smoke and drive.

STEP 3 - Take Our Pledge

Take our pledge. Upload a photo and create a meme. Your meme saves to our database so we can share it on our site. You can share directly on Twitter®, Facebook®, or download to share on Instagram® or to save for yourself.


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STEP 4 - Donate to Educate

Your support allows us to spread the word about the dangers of driving stoned. Whether you donate $5, $10, or $500, your contribution will help us educate drivers so they don’t make a mistake and drive while high.


The Hound Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that seeks to educate young people and their communities about the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana. As a country, we are just beginning to understand how marijuana impairs drivers. Recognizing this knowledge gap, the Hound Foundation seeks to raise money to fund research to better understand the correlation of recent marijuana use with driving impairment. The more facts we can share with drivers the fewer mistakes they are likely to make about driving stoned.