Our Mission

Our goal is to raise awareness and fund research about the dangers of marijuana-impaired driving by sharing the facts. We know that drivers make better choices when armed with good information.

About Us

The Foundation was created by Dr. Mike Lynn, CEO of Hound Labs, Inc., in response to the outpouring of support Hound Labs, Inc. has received since announcing its scientific breakthrough: The company's ability to measure THC in breath. It became clear that he needed to create an organization solely focused on championing the national dialogue about marijuana-impaired driving. Today there is limited knowledge, awareness, and data on the dangers of marijuana use and driving. Some groups even suggest marijuana has no impact on driving safety. This belief defies common sense, much like drivers in the 1970s who didn’t think they were impaired when driving drunk. Dr. Lynn realized this conversation couldn’t wait.

As an emergency medicine physician and reserve deputy sheriff, Dr. Lynn has directly witnessed the consequences of impaired driving. He is very familiar with the common sentiment (especially among teenagers) that marijuana use is safe for driving. The Hound Foundation hopes to combat this belief by funding research about marijuana use and driving impairment and empowering young people with the facts about the dangers of driving stoned so they can make responsible choices. The tragedies related to marijuana-impaired driving are truly preventable.

Dr. Lynn’s colleague, Lieutenant Bob McGrory, of the Alameda County Sheriff’s office, knows firsthand the tragedies caused by driving under the influence of marijuana. He lost his son, Justin McGrory, to a stoned driver in 2010. Justin was a California Highway Patrol Officer conducting a routine traffic stop at the side of a highway when he was killed by a driver who smoked pot shortly before getting behind the wheel. Six years later, Justin’s family is working with the driver who killed their son/brother/uncle/husband to prevent future tragedies. The Hound Foundation is dedicated to the McGrory family’s inspirational ability to forgive while making sure we don’t forget the accident that took Justin’s life was absolutely preventable. The Hound Foundation strives to educate us that the safe choice is to drive pot-free, just as we already understand to avoid driving drunk.


Access to legal marijuana is greater than ever before, and we need more research and education about how recent use of marijuana can impair driving. Through your generous donations we will be able to learn more and facilitate sharing our learnings with families, educators, and legislature. Driving accidents can easily be avoided if people understand the facts.


The Hound Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that seeks to educate young people and their communities about the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana. As a country, we are just beginning to understand how marijuana impairs drivers. Recognizing this knowledge gap, the Hound Foundation seeks to raise money to fund research to better understand the correlation of recent marijuana use with driving impairment. The more facts we can share with drivers the fewer mistakes they are likely to make about driving stoned.