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Use our videos, facts, and presentation to organize an assembly at your school or club. Whether you have ten minutes or an hour, we have content for you.

Share a Story

Sometimes a story tells it best. Share the story of the McGrory family and Rafael who thought it was safe to drive because he wasn't drunk, only stoned. It was a tragic mistake.

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Give a Presentation

Need to jump-start the discussion? Use this 10-page presentation to get the conversation going. It contains a few facts and some pointers on how to say "no" to stoned driving.

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Tweet the Facts

No time to organize an assembly, but want to spread the word at your school or in your community? Use these facts and while you are at it, give a shout out to the Hound Foundation.

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Show Our PSA

Our Public Service Announcement is to the point. Learn a few facts and about our pledge #SitorGetOffthePot. Ask permission and then post this on your school's website.

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Practice Refusal Skills

It is easy to sign a pledge when you are at school or at home, but when you are out with your friends it can be really hard to say "no". Use this cheat sheet with your friends to practice.

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Are you thinking of spreading the word in your town, but need help getting started? Have ideas for an outreach program that you think we can support? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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Access to legal marijuana is greater than ever before, and we need more research and education about how recent use of marijuana can impair driving. Through your generous donations we will be able to learn more and facilitate sharing our learnings with families, educators, and legislature. Driving accidents can easily be avoided if people understand the facts.


The Hound Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that seeks to educate young people and their communities about the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana. As a country, we are just beginning to understand how marijuana impairs drivers. Recognizing this knowledge gap, the Hound Foundation seeks to raise money to fund research to better understand the correlation of recent marijuana use with driving impairment. The more facts we can share with drivers the fewer mistakes they are likely to make about driving stoned.