The McGrory Family Story

There is so much to learn from the McGrory family – begin to grasp their loss, be inspired by their forgiveness, and understand their commitment to educate us on the dangers of driving stoned.


Son, Husband, Brother, Uncle, and CHP Officer

Justin McGrory touched many lives. Learn about him through this brief photo montage. Then watch the videos and read the reflections of his family to learn how his death impacted them. As Khristin, Justin's sister, explains in her conversation with us, every choice you make doesn’t just affect you but it affects everyone around you.


Bob & Gina

Justin McGrory's Parents

Bob and Gina McGrory lost their only son when he was struck and killed by Rafael who was driving home from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Watch this and not only share their loss but also marvel at their forgiveness of Rafael. They are working with him to help others understand the dangers of driving stoned. Their story is inspirational.



The Driver Who Took Justin's Life

Six years ago, Rafael was 18 years old and smoking weed at an LA Dodgers game when he made a life-changing mistake. On the drive home he killed Justin McGrory. A good kid from a good family, Rafael couldn't believe what he had done. Watch his video and hear the details of the accident and his plea to others.



Justin's Sister (his only sibling)

Khristin went into survival mode when she learned of her brother's death. She shut down her emotions so she could take care of her family including her two children and her husband. Yet, she was able to forgive Rafael. Now as an only child, Khristin's shares her touching responses during a short interview.



Justin's Niece

Just 12 years old when she lost her Uncle Justin, Megan was in disbelief. She thought of him as her best friend. Following her mother's lead, Megan was also able to forgive Rafael. She now talks and texts with him regularly. Her insights are thoughtful and creative. Come back soon and read Megan's poetry and watch her video.


Justin's Wife

Kelly was pregnant with their daughter, Kaci, when Justin was killed. Justin also left behind a son, Liam, who celebrates his birthday on April 20. Kelly is now focused on raising her children and trying to keep the memories of their father alive. She doesn't want other young people to make the same mistake as Rafael and take away someone else's father. 


Share Your Story

Share Your Story


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